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Education program

The curricula
As already mentioned, the Swiss model is currently offering the highest quality training in the world. We make it a point not to offer conventional engineering studies. This would create a false impression. Such courses are plentiful in India. We want to increase the professional quality of the trade. Therefore, we have decided that college is not "College of Engineering", but to call "College of Craft & Arts" students should be absorbed from the 12th school year.

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Why a Graduate degree?
Craft training of the highest quality is not just a purely manual training. Quite the contrary. The various knowledge areas require the highest standards, even at the mental abilities of humans. Whether in the areas of materials, machinery, environmental, calculation or processing, the training requires adequate performance like usual engineering studies in a country. This can be seen in the educational documents.

The documents are online at in the "Documents" tab available.
It goes without saying that our teaching aids are with Swiss standards.

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Location issue
Why should the LCOC come up in Kerala and not in one of the other big cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata? There are two main reasons for this. First, the level of education of youth in Kerala is the highest in the national average. This has the advantage that we do not have to invest in the basic education of our resources first. Only for English, there will be special rates. Second, Kerala is not a big industrial centre. This gives the opportunity to upgrade the region economically. In addition, the land still has land reserves for future expansion.

The LCOC is to be affiliated as part of the "Marian Engineering College - MCE" to the University of Kerala. For the training the registration to the Indian government in Delhi (AICTE) and the government in Kerala is requested.
On behalf of the "Lazarus Order Liechtenstein", all land documents have been checked by an Indian lawyer and the positive report is in the form of an expertise.
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