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We calculated the investment volume up to commissioning including land and all permits with approx. CHF 8'000'000 .-- [8 Mio.] (approx. € 7 Mio.]) (approx. INR 52'05'00'000. - [52 Crore]) Obtaining this money is by no means easy. Without generous support from government, industry and individuals, it's nearly impossible. Equity capital of 25% (CHF 2 million) was earmarked for the project. Unfortunately, we still lack 75% in the amount of CHF 6 million.
Benefits for the government
Highly trained craftsmen with a necessary capital to start one’s own high-quality production are a guarantee of economic progress and future tax revenues. Through the active support of LCOC with the state creates a win-win situation for the state and the LCOC.
India also benefits from a new quality construction, a new standard of safety and reliability of a new artisan.

Benefits for the economy
Highly trained craftsmen are the future market for building materials, machinery and craft accessories. This in turn strengthens the supply industry in the country. A good training centre also promotes cooperation with business associations, suppliers and support companies. Through active support of LCOC with the economy creates a win-win situation for the economy and the LCOC.
The economy also benefits from a new generation of reliable economic partners.

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