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Why the name "Lazarus"
There are many colleges in India with different names. None bears the name "Lazarus". This name is therefore completely unencumbered in India. "Lazarus" was raised from the dead. He was given a new life with new quality. According to tradition, Lazarus then founded the first hospital with his sisters Martha and Mary. He gave the country a new social quality. The LCOC will similarly bring a new quality of life to India.
Another reason is that the initial idea for this project comes from the "Lazarus Order Liechtenstein". However, the LCOC trains religion-independent, like all our facilities. As with the historical Lazarus, it is not the religion that counts for the activities, but the skills. The reasons for a "college" can be found in the section "The education plans".
As an example, we have chosen Switzerland's education system with several years of vocational training and parallel theoretical instruction, because we no longer want construction sites to look that way.
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