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Minutes of the summit

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Minutes of the summit on DUAL VET System of Switzerland in Kerala

Held at Mascot Hotel, Trivandrum
on 06 Feb 2019 from 9.30 am to 05.00 pm

As the proposed LCOC is an innovative scheme, the learning facilities of such courses may be extended to those who have done similar courses early; in that case part-time / week end courses are suitable and will be beneficial to them.
The Meeting commenced at 9.30 am with prayer song. Very Rev. Msgr. Eugine H. Pereira welcomes the dignitaries and all other members and participants. Chev. Don Guido H.Hangrtner Ph.D, Coordinator, Lazarus College of Craft & Arts delivered an introductory speech.
The Presidential address was delivered by Most Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam M, Archbishop of Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese. Many of the engineering course completed students from our ongoing engineering colleges are not getting sufficient employment and those who are getting employment are related to the field other than the engineering sector—Most Rev. Archbishop has highlighted. That’s why we have planned to institute DUAL VET system and also our bounden obligation to train the engineering students with full hands on training while undergoing their education, Most Rev. Archbishop said.
The DUAL TWIN VET System of Switzerland in Kerala was inaugurated by the Honorable Higher Education Minister of Kerala, Shri. Dr. K.T. Jaleel. While analyzing the DUAL VET system, Honorable Minister has well highlighted the importance and the need of such a qualitative frame work in all the engineering colleges, he has declared that “Government will soon launch an internship programme for all the engineering students in the State” The initiative will be rolled out this year with the final year batches which will graduate soon. It is envisaged on the lines of the house-surgency system for medical graduates. This initiative is expected to benefit engineering graduates in the job market. Honorable Minister has appreciated the organizers in planning to institute such a DUAL VET system in Kerala.
Subsequently the Chief Guest of the programme Mr. Sebastien Hug, CEO of Swissnex India and Consul General in Bangalore has given a detailed presentation of Swissnex India and the DUAL TWIN VET System that will be launched in Kerala shortly.
Dr. Ruby Abraham, Principal of the Marian Engineering College has delivered felicitation speech and highlighted the importance of the proposed LCOC.
The opening ceremonial function was concluded with vote of thanks by Very Rev. Msgr. Wilfred E, Manager— Marian College of Engineering.
Subsequently Mr. V. Levakumar Liaison Officer have given a presentation of various course wise details of proposed DUAL TWIN VET system of Lazarus College, the various courses proposed, and its relevance in the industries as well as in the nation as a whole.
Following that a detailed interaction with the industrialists & academicians present at the summit was done. During the course of interaction a lot of informative and innovative suggestions and findings we have received for the altogether benefits of the system.

The interactive points are denoted below:
  • The members participated for the summit has whole heartedly accepted the DUAL VET System. Learning by Doing is considered as a very good concept and this concept need to be implemented in all other ongoing Technical Colleges too for the betterment of the students and nation.
  • The faculties in the colleges have highly educated and knowledgeable. But not much exposed to skill competency level. Because of that the students are not getting much exposure in hands on skilling. Policies need to be framed by the Government for giving much exposure to the faculties in terms of hands on experience as well as lab infrastructure for the purpose and in turn the students will acquire the skilling.
  • This DUAL VET policy can be extended to other colleges too and the entrepreneurs have to be equipped and informed accordingly.
  • Adopt Quality Improvement program of DUAL VET system of LCOC by the similar engineering colleges too for upgrading the students’ employability. The curriculum frame work, the syllabus etc. should be learner friendly and related to industrial requirements. Students’ aptitude and mental attitude is an important concept.
  • DUAL VET system is prevailing in many European Countries. The three letters VET denotes: (‘V’ for engineering VISION; ‘E’ for EMPOWER and ‘T’ for TRAIN the students as Technicians)
  • All the Institutions should have “III” cell—Industry Institution Interaction cell. Create a skill development plant form and this platform will be opened for the students to work, learn and earn.
  • The proposed LCOC DUAL VET system should be registered with the Government agencies in time for official recognition for earlier commencement. A report in this concept needs to be submitted to the authorities in time. For the development of this report and further follow up action we have to constitute a committee at once.
  • All the students are having attitude in developing skill competency. The DUAL VET system approach is meant for that and can easily fulfill the students’ ambition.
  • Doubts are raised regarding the recognition of this DUAL VET system. Whether the VET system has got recognition in India or in any other countries.
  • According to the Indian Educational System, there are so many agencies for granting approval: viz., UGC, AICTE, NCVT, etc. For this system which agency is authenticated for granting approval!
  • Constitution of Institutional Management Committees is also important for successful skill development. In it local community participation is also required.
  • At present more than 50% of enrolled students are the ‘drop outs’ in our engineering colleges due to less exposure. This DUAL VET system is an answer for betterment.
  • There is financially backward students group but wish to learn the engineering education. Those students often don’t wish to continue the education for the 4 year period. In that case, is it possible to exit the course during the midway and is it possible to get jobs based on their study until the period.
  • The LCOC should be registered as a Private University similar to the DUAL VET System College under Switzerland launched by Confederation of Indian industries in Rajasthan recently.
  • When we launch the DUAL VET system, along with the skill competency and hands on training, we have to equip them in language competency, personality development and life skill development etc. for taking up employment abroad as well as for starting their own self entrepreneurship. This will be suitable to the fishermen community too.
  • Instead of becoming a free University, it is advisable to affiliate with the existing Marian Engineering College.
  • The course curriculum structure and eligibility criteria for admission, should be designed in such a way to get enrollment to those who have completed +2 education in Humanities and Commerce stream also.
  • The public usually think about higher education in terms of Engineering or Medicine etc. But our title ‘Plumbing’ / ‘Carpentry’ / ‘Masonry’ / ‘Electrician’ / ‘Metal Farmer’ are not having social acceptance. Change of Trade Title name is mandatory so as to suit with the present engineering trade names.
  • We have to associate with the related local industries too for better and smooth internship for the DUAL system.
  • The system of education DUAL VET system should be accepted by all the stakeholders and accordingly we have to give much publicity.
  • The proposed LCOC pass outs should get employment in their own home town itself with good salary package and policy may be framed accordingly.
  • All the 5 proposed courses are the one existing in our various institutions. But the courses proposed by LCOC is highly with latest technology oriented in international level and hence it is very good to go ahead with the courses especially for getting high employment in abroad too.
The CEO of SWISSNEX India and Consul General of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland) in Bangalore and the Marian Engineering College in Trivandrum, together with the Trivandrum Social Service Society (- TSSS), are pleased to organize a Dual VET system in Switzerland and India. For the last five years, we have been preparing to introduce this system in Kerala for the construction professionals. Switzerland has been ranked first in the international rating of professional people continuously for the last six years. That’s why we have selected Switzerland as a model. India currently ranks 80th.
India is a fast growing economy and need more skilled workforce. Now we are focused on higher education and very little in enhancing the Employability Quotient and produce skilled manpower through Technical Colleges.  Indian Education sector has seen rapid growth in number of Colleges and Students strength over past few decades. Regardless of the tremendous growth, higher education has not proved efficient to make youths of the country employable as per the need of the industry due to low Skill Quotient.
In today’s world of Globalization, Skill Training is an Integral component of increasing efficiency & productivity for sound economic development of any country. In India, it’s still at a nascent stage, however the demand for skilled manpower is huge and to cover this gap, it is very pertinent to re-engineer the skill environment.
Lazarus College in Marian Engineering College Campus is prepared to launch the similar Dual VET system of Switzerland. This System will reduce the present skill gap and thus leads to 100% employability.  Dual VET system based learning focuses on increasing employability through a series of inputs:
Participants for the Summit
 - International Diplomatic Members
 - Members of the Government from Kerala State
 - University Officials
 - Industrialists / Employers of new generation industries
 - Professors / Faculties of Colleges
 - Alumni of Technical Courses
 - Other related stakeholders
Objectives of the summit
 - Skill Gap analysis—what the students are presently learning and what the industrialists are required— in consultation with the Industrialists / Employers
 - Stake holders to know Study Abroad vision can be fulfilled here when we launch this DUAL SYSTEM
 - Stake holders to know that the objectives of this DUAL SYSTEM can be absolutely fulfilled for STARTUP business.
- Stake holders to know that self-entrepreneurship is more important than the wage employment.
- Stake holders to know that DUAL SYSTEM achievers have to stay back in India for the development of their own national requirements, instead of going abroad for employment.
- Prime importance to girl students / minority students
 - Equip students with appropriate hands-on skills, which helps them to be job ready.        
 - Focus on job role based skills leads to comprehensive specialization, thereby increasing efficiency of the candidate.
 - Skill Training interventions raises confidence, improves productivity & competency of an individual through focused outcome based learning.
 - Theory & Practical in the Institution and work related training with the real work field.
 - Industry Institute Interaction for effective work oriented education
- Curriculum transactions are learner friendly system—what they want to study in specific can do, even if that specific area is not incorporated in the curriculum
 - Work and Study is the specialty—during the course of their education they can earn and will be credited the same into their bank account periodically.  But withdrawal will be allowed when they complete the course, so that this money can be utilized for STARTUP.
 - Low education fees and scholarship facilities
 - Prime importance to girl students / minority students
Therefore, we are pleased in the name of the CEO of SWISSNEX India and Consul General of the Swiss Confederation (Switzerland) in Bangalore and the Marian Engineering College in Trivandrum, together with the Trivandrum Social Service Society (– TSSS), to invite you to the national summit in connection with launching of the DUAL VET SYSTEM of Switzerland in Kerala.
Programme schedule

Date:        February 6, 2019
Time:       09:30 AM (Start)

09:30       Registration in the Symphony Hall
09:45       Prayer Song
               Welcome:                 Very. Rev. Msgr. Eugine H. Pereira
                                              (P.R.O. Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese)
               Introductory:            Chev. Don Guido H. Hangartner, PhD
                                              (Coordinator, "Lazarus College of Craft & Arts")
               Presidential Address: Most Rev. Dr. Soosa Pakiam M.
                                              (Archbishop, Trivandrum Latin Archdiocese)
10:00       Inaugural Address:   Shri. Dr. K. T. Jaleel
                                              (Minister for Higher Education, Minority Welfare, Govt. of Kerala)
               Special Guest:          Dr. Usha Titus IAS
                                              (Principal Secretary, Higher education Dept. Govt. of Kerala)
10:30       Chief Guest:            Mr. Sébastien Hug
                                              (CEO of Swissnex India & Consul General in Bangalore)
11:00        Felicitations:            Dr. Ruby Abraham
                                              (Principal Marian Engineering College)
11:30        Thanks:                  Very. Rev. Msgr. Wilfred E.
                                      (Manager Marian College of Engineering - MCE)
               Tea, coffee and cake
11:35       Presentation:             Mr. Leva Kumar (The Dual VET system in Kerala - LCOC)
                                              (Lioson Officer, Education TSSS)

12:35       Contact Lunch
14:00       Discussion:               Very. Rev. Msgr. Eugine H. Pereira: Exchange on possible cooperation between industry and business with the LCOC
15:30       Tea, coffee and cake
16:00       Visit of the campus of the MCE and interaction with the Principal, Marian Engineering College
17:00       Director, Trivandrum Social Service Society

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