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System I

What is different in the Dual Swiss, German, Austrian and Liechtenstein system?
Theoretical training and practical training will take place hand in hand. This causes a more intense learning. Theoretical knowledge is applied immediately by daily work. The practical learning is not merely provided with teaching materials alone. It happens in real construction of buildings. Thus, the success of learning and working is secured at its best.

The training lasts for four years and culminates in the title of "Bachelor of Craft & Arts". This level corresponds to the level of training of artisans in Switzerland. In the fifth and sixth year the students can obtain the degree of a "Master of Craft & Arts". They are then authorized and capable to train apprentices in practical areas and to lead an independent medium-sized workshop.

This system offers currently the highest possible quality in vocational education worldwide.

Apprentices do not pay school fees, but already receive a starting wage during their training, as they are productive. The LCOC will pay most of this wage for each student in a separate escrow bank account in order to save it as a start-up capital for their own company. This is a vital precondition for its own economic start and offers them therefore a professional life perspective after graduation.

No one can start his own company without seed capital. LCOC wishes, however, that the best trained experts stay in India, strengthening the economy in their own country. Thus, the migration of the best workers to abroad will be reduced. The new small companies also create new training places and job opportunities in India and thereby lead to a stronger local economy.

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