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System II

What is included in the planned "Lazarus College of Craft & Arts"?
It contains at least four workshops, enough classrooms for at least 800 students and school administration offices.

Why a College with boarding?
This gives us the opportunity to host students from all over India, so that the new system can achieve distribution to the maximum possible extent.

Why should this system be introduced?
India is a great country with a rich cultural heritage. This heritage should not only be strengthened, but also be taken taken to the future. For this, the best is just good enough. We want to offer nothing less than the best!

Until now professionals are first trained only in theory. When they graduate, they indeed have a certificate, but no practical work experience. In addition, the vocational students have to pay themselves for this education. This makes it almost impossible for poor families to have their children learn a trade at all. Companies must therefore first invest in vocational graduates (unnecessarily).

This makes many companies to hire and then train unqualified workers instead of hiring professionals. However, these employees can be used only in a limited way and also are worse-paid. As a consequence of using less qualified workers the mistake rates increase massively, especially when the task requires more skills than they are trained for.

Workers, who are trained by the LCOC system, already have at the end of the training practical work experience. This reduces the financial burden on companies due to a low error rate. Well trained skilled workers not only save money of companies, but also save money of building owners, because better quality makes later improvements no longer necessary.

It's also easier for the employers to calculate the costs of a project, because the work is more predictable. This in turn eliminates surprises for builders.

For India, this means not only a reduction of construction costs. It also means an increase of construction quality and new tax revenues through new good companies.

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