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On 13.01.2015 the LPCT Members Sri Mohanan, Sri Vineesh and Coordinatot of LCOC Dr. Guido Hangartner had a personal meeting with the Minister of Education of Kerala, Shri PK Abdu Rabb.
At the meeting the educational plans and documents for the new college could be handed over personally.


With the help of our architect Martin Bücker the planning is progressing. He has already built in India.

The complete picture gallery can be seen here.


On August 13, the contract was concluded for the translation of teaching materials in the LPCT office.



What is our current project?

“Lazarus” in Liechtenstein intends to establish a professional training center with integrated production after a three-year pilot phase in Kerala (India) after European standard.

The demand analysis locally showed that this is very much welcomed. The Swiss Confederation has a training center in co-operation with Swiss machine, electrical and metallurgy in the north of India already. This is a welcome beginning.

“Lazarus” would like to go beyond as the population profits locally and receives knowledge, know-how and new SME's locally. We would like to begin a certain education gap to close. Many organizations engage themselves strongly in the ranges training and university formation. The range of a more qualified professional training is only in the beginnings understood. We want to establish a training center for occupation teachings relating to crafts after European model. In it the occupations carpenters, bricklayers, electrical plumber, sanitary plumber and plumber are to be trained, in agreement with the authorities locally and the population. In addition we co-operate with the Marian engineering college and the St. Xavier's of institutes OF Technology in Kerala.

Therefore we take the liberty, a flyer, the preconcept, to place the education strategy and the child protection politics to the opinion on-line and ask also you for support. We need over the first seven years well five one half million CHF. Those are CHF 812 ' 416.-- per year. Starting from the respected year the training center is not to be profit-oriented self-supporting, however. We took the liberty to merge some written down addressees in the preconcept so that the conception is better visualized. The sponsors are published on this side.

We would be pleased much, if we may to count and thank you and to sincerely on your assistance and participation you.


Lazarus-Orden Liechtenstein    
Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB)

IBAN: LI45 0880 0461 3006 42001
BLZ: LI-9490 Vaduz - Liechtenstein (LI)
Clearing Nr.: 8800

Tax-exempt in Liechtenstein: File reference 218 846



Spendenbarometer in CHF

Total requirements
(Distributed to seven years)
(Beginning of the construction phase)
20.11.2014 79'000
01.11.2013 65'000
(With the launch of the campaign in mid-August of 2013 with the pre-concept)


"Lazarus College of Craft - LCOC"
8°30'12.58"N / 76°53'43.26"E
in collaboration with TSSS under Latin Archdiocese of Trivandrum
Kochuveli, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 021
Office at: "Lazarus Public Charitable Trust – LPCT"
(Reg. No. 84/13 Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 582)
C/o, Vineesh Bhavan, Plavila Puthen Veedu Kilikottukonam,
Ooruttambalam P.O. Trivandrum 695 507 Kerala, India

The LCOC is coordinated by Dr. Don Guido H. Hangartner, KLJ (EGCLJ) / KHS, commissioned by the "St. Xavier's Institute of Technology" in Valiathura, Thiruvananthapuram.

Building design sponsored by architect Martin Bücker

Building predesigned sponsored by architect Helmut Meyer

Structural engineering firm sponsored by Hoch & Gassner AG


Lazarus Hilfswerk – LHW e.V.
Giessenstrasse 10
FL-9491 Ruggell

Coordination of the project

Lazarus-Orden Liechtenstein
Industriestrasse 26
FL-9491 Ruggell

Controlling of the project

Latin Archbishop's House
Thiruvananthapuram – IN-695 003,
Kerala, South India

Supply of the CEO on behalf of the LHW for the project

Fibeko Treuhandanstalt
Industriestrasse 26
FL-9491 Ruggell

Helmut Meyer
Trogenerstrasse 60 b
CH-9450 Altstätten

Sponsoring the planning
Ingenieurbüro Hoch & Gassner AG
Messinastrasse 30
Postfach 322
FL-9495 Triesen

Sponsoring the statics of the building design
Architekturbüro Martin Bücker Tel. 033762 41966
Lange Straße 4 mobil 0151 466 43 816
15738 Zeuthen

Architekturbüro Bücker T: +49 (0) 8322 - 987 94 50
Enzenspergerweg 10 M: +49 (0) 151 - 466 43 816
D 87651 Oberstdorf F: +49 (0) 8322 - 987 93 48 E:
Bistum Chur
Hof 19
CH-7000 Chur

Provision of the CEO on behalf of the LHW for the project
Many donors small to larger amounts.


Is here completely to sincerely thanked all sponsors and sponsors. With your contributions you make possible to learn after reaching of the necessary starting sum, poor young person an occupation us thereby its families a life perspective to give. - God bless you!

It is natural that all, which help us with the implementation of the project also as such in India it is communicated, up to the government. This could be for these also from business interest.

Contact to the project responsible person: Dr. Dipl.-Theol. Mag. Don Guido Hangartner, KLJ EGCLJ / KHS +91 9656 140 918 lpct(at)


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